First-Time Sitecore MVP Award Winner | Vaishali Dialani

Vaishali Dialani - Senior Customer Experience Strategist

19 Mar 2024

I want to put a spotlight on Vaishali, who is a first time Sitecore MVP. Vaishali, tell me, where were you? How did it feel? It was so surreal and it completely feels like a full circle moment. Last year I was interviewing the other MVPs,, and this time I had the opportunity to be my first time, get my first time, and strategy Sitecore MVP. So it's such an honor. I don't thrilled. Being a Sitecore MVP often involves community contribution. Could you highlight some of the ways you have actively participated in the Sitecore community? When it comes to the whole community aspect of things. Whether it was the SUGCON last year that I had a chance to be a speaker at, SUG events, from like Cleveland, Baltics, Pennsylvania to so many others, even Egypt, just looking out for that opportunity and saying “I'm going to try and see if I get my luck through it”. And you never know. You just might because they are really looking out to focus on strategy. And can you. Tell me what was your niche? What were the things that you contributed to? So in terms of contribution to the community was more focused towards just having my own voice, my perspective on things. I realized that most of the Sitecore stuff that was being put out it was always so technical, so I felt like I could bring in that strategy voice, be it for our consumers, designing customer journeys, understanding how we can leverage Sitecore to its maximum capacity. All of this kind of added a little edge to every single thing. I don't think I intentionally put out that this is what I'm going to just followed it. And this is like my blueprint. I just tried and tested everything that day very authentically. To me, you can always learn from others, but you have to feel inspired by yourself.

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Vaishali Dialani

With over 8 years of experience as a data-savvy experience designer, research specialist, and strategic change-maker, she passionately advocates for integrating emotions and efficiency through customer experience research, product insights, and communications.

Recognized as a CXPA Emerging leader, CX Leader of The Year 2023 Finalist, and ranked among the top 11 CXMStars worldwide, she believes in the power of knowledge sharing to foster growth and awareness within the CX community.

Vaishali’s commitment to knowledge sharing extends to podcasts, blogs, guest lectures, speaking engagements, and training programs. Simultaneously, conducting leadership training workshops for low-literacy level professionals, making a positive impact through collaborative efforts across diverse spheres.

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