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3 May 2024

lukash my last question for you uh put your solution architect hat on uh you are working every day very much on the on premise solution upgrades that world with very large customers might I say when you look at that when you look at the customers you work with and then you look at these very composable headless announcements does does this path where they're saying there's a place for customers to move at a nicer speed must be a a breath of fresh air or relief to you yeah it is in fact but uh I think that it would be good to add at this point that side is not only like preparing a path to migrate but uh they they also say that uh they will support customers that need more time to to move on to the other other stock right so they won't let customers to stay behind right they they they're ready to like support everyone on their path to the composable world right so that's that's also something that was mentioned today and made a really good impression yeah that was that was a very interesting announcement actually because that's something we've never heard before Dave specifically mentioned if you're on a 9.3 um we will continue to support you um and help you with the transition right because a lot of people might not want to upgrade right now to 10.3 10.4 because they're like well we want to transition so there's no point but then you don't want to be stuck on an old system either which is unsupported

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