KENTICO: Empowering Digital Marketing Teams | Interview with Dominik Pintér, CEO of Kentico

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23 Jun 2023

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[Music] uh Dominic would you please introduce yourself yes absolutely my name is Dominic pintar I'm a CEO of kentico in terms of the origins of kaniko how did how did kaniko start uh what what was it originally trying to be yeah yeah so uh Kentucky has been founded in 2004 and basically uh at that point uh our founder and former CEO Peter Palace was actually solving his own problem so uh he used to work at the company where he managed to actually intranet site and uh every change he had to do was really like manual and you know without any system in place so as as part of his um actually uh bachelor's degree he did uh the system uh content management system and that was really the born of uh kentico uh back in yeah uh 2004. what is kaneko's market position in kind of this dxp space currently so the way how we put that it's um it's mid Market uh this is what we Target and you know every company really defines mid Market differently right so uh we look at the digital marketing teams and their sizes because like we've really sell to CMOS or head of digital ahead of digital transformation uh really people uh with these site loss and we always look at the size of their team and in our case it's typically between 5 to 15 people um reporting into this role and and that's the size of the company we uh we try to Target so this is a very popular question from your Vantage Point and history how do you explain this headless and composable uh philosophy it's important that you have one piece of content which is stored somewhere and you can distribute that to many different channels via the apis right why are the program programmatic way so actually you don't have to have like content editors to take that piece of the com content and copy that into the different systems and and different you know platforms so that's that's my take on headless when it comes to compost ability uh so our platform offers in general a lot of different features I'll call them or capabilities right so you'll have their content management system you have their email marketing um you have their marketing Automation and all of these other tools right but of course there are other platforms other Solutions you know in the market and every client has simply slightly different needs right and ultimately it's really up to the clients to really find the best Solutions which work for them right and sometimes it's going to go for everything sometimes it could be combination of kentico and some other Solutions right and for me again this has been part of our story since the very beginning so actually we always wanted to make sure that our solution is easy to extend easy to customize you know so for me that composability is about having the choice and having the choice how to best solve the business problem I always like to go back to the needs and to the point of like how to solve really business problems right and that's the that's the key right and sometimes as I said cantico could be the solution sometimes it could be Kent to go with combination with some other platform and it's it's really about like definition of that business problem and finding right solution for that so I is really excited to uh currently we're onboarded as a as a kentico partner and I mean we're very excited I'd love to get your take on the partnership yeah uh so first of all uh welcome to the family Welcome to our community uh one thing I'm very proud of is that our community internal is very friendly you know and uh digital agencies they like to talk to each other they like to help each other so it's all about the relationships you know and and really making sure that actually we do business as a partners and we really you know try to provide like best solutions to the end client together right and we also like you know um want to have like long-standing and proactive relationship between our companies so that's my immediate thoughts on that thank you foreign [Music]

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