12-Time Sitecore MVP Award Winner | Kamruz Jaman

Kamruz Jaman - Solution Architect

26 Feb 2024

I want to ask you, Kam, as the most decorated Sitecore MVP, how does it feel to be in a group with Vaishali, who is brand new, and how does it feel to be where you are now? I still can't believe I'm here after 12 years. Super happy for Vaishali. Super happy for Matt’s second one. I've been working with Sitecore since around the end of 2009, and then once that community sucks you in, you really can't leave. It's really, really hard to go somewhere else. People look forward to those conferences and meeting up with each other because it is more like meeting up with friends. It seems that Konabos has been the reason for many people to get into the Sitecore world. Is that something that you're proud of? Yeah. We've obviously grown way beyond what we had expected. This is not something that we had imagined. That's the power I think of the platform we're working with. It has so many different disciplines that it does allow the multitude of the different MVPs we have on this call. Right now. We have technology MVPs, we have strategy and MVPs. We have ambassador MVPs. Right? And that's the power of the platform and the power of what we can do.

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Kamruz Jaman

Kamruz is a 11-time Sitecore MVP who has worked with the Sitecore platform for more than a decade and has over 20 years of development and architecture experience using the Microsoft technology stack. Kamruz is heavily involved in the Sitecore Community and has spoken at various User Groups and Conferences. As one of the managing partners of Konabos Inc, Kamruz will work closely with clients to ensure projects are successfully delivered to a high standard.

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