Website Search

Website Search

Expert search implementation and experience optimization help for your site or application utilizing Coveo, SearchStax, Alogia, Azure Search, and more. 

Implementation & Team Augmentation 

Are you looking for insight and expertise to take the search on your website to the next level? Leave it to us. Whether you are a direct customer or an agency partner, we are here to help you design and implement a superior search experience for your customers. 

Site Search CX Engagement 

Want to improve your site search experience to drive engagement and conversions? We will collect baseline metrics and provide insights into how your search is performing and then work with you to identify business goals and optimize your search experience to yield results. 

Featured Technology & Partners 

  • SearchStax 

  • Coveo 

  • Microsoft Azure Search 

  • SOLR

Search Expertise 

The Konabos Search practice is led by Hugo Santos, a Sitecore Technology MVP with nearly a decade of experience in system architecture and development. Before coming to Konabos, Hugo spent seven years with the Coveo Research & Development team working on the solution and helping customers implement outstanding search solutions. Several highly qualified search practitioners round out the Konabos Search practice with search specific development and Customer Experience design expertise. 

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