Digital Customer Experience Implementation

Digital Customer Experience Implementation

DCX Solutions Architected & Built Right

Effective Digital Customer Experience (DCX) solutions begin with a solid understanding of the intersection of business goals, customer journeys, and the technical capabilities of myriad Digital Experience Platform (DXP) options. Making the right choices and architecting the right solution is a daunting task that requires expertise across all of these areas. Konabos’ multi-disciplinary team of CX Architects, Solution Architects, UX/UI Designers, and Developers are here to provide your team with the expertise, broad-ranging experience, and resource firepower you’ll need to be able to deliver outstanding DCX Solutions with confidence.

DCX Strategy First Approach

You would not start planning the construction of your dream home by picking the colour of the new drapes, but this is all too often what organizations do when they consult a creative agency before architecting their DCX Strategy.

Start your DXP implementation right. Talk to the architects first.

Konabos’ CX Strategists and Solution Architects will work with your business to devise a data-driven, fact-based, and customer-centric DCX Strategy that considers your business goals, budget constraints, and the capabilities of the platform-tools at your disposal.

Architect the Right DXP

Should you upgrade your current Suite DXP, migrate to another one, or consider a modular DXP approach? Which technical options should you consider and what are the implications for the solution you’ll be able to build? Do you need all the bells and whistles in the first phase? Can you afford it? Consult our team to help your answer these questions early on. The Konabos team is experienced with DXP options from several suites and modular DXP vendors and will help your architect a solution that’s just right for your organization at your particular stage of digital maturity while providing you’re a clear roadmap for the future.

Build It Right – Development & Augmentation

Konabos’ technical implementation team consists of some of the most experienced Solution Architects and Developers in the industry—a team that’s typified by a passion for delivering excellent solutions and sharing knowledge. Whether you want a partner who will take care of it all or one that’ll show your team the ropes and help with some of the heavy liftings, whether you need a team who will do it for you or with you, we’ve got you covered.

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