Konabos is a Kontent.ai Premium Partner that can help you build a strategy and help you make the right business decisions when choosing a modern Headless CMS technology for all your business needs.

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Content Management that Transforms Your Business

Kontent.ai is a recognized leader in the headless CMS market due to its ability to empower enterprise business users as well as developers. Content Collections promote the sharing of common content throughout the business while allowing individual teams to manage their own content without interference. 

The authoring experience adapts to each customer's content structure, leading to faster content creation while real-time collaboration and workflow ensure content adheres to brand, quality, and regulatory requirements.  

Well-structured content is delivered to websites and applications via API, providing complete separation from the presentation layer. This frees developers to build digital experiences using their favorite technologies while content teams focus on producing high-quality content with the confidence it will look great on any channel or device. 

Konabos Success Story

As of 2021, Konabos has proudly earned recognition as a Kontent.ai Premium Partner. This strategic partnership is aligned with our vision going forward to emphasize the focus on Jamstack-enabled modular DXP solutions. 

Having followed their technology over the years, we concluded that these solutions would be an excellent fit for our enterprise customers. We performed a twelve-brand site migration from a traditional monolithic web application to a Jamstack architecture using Kontent.ai CMS. 

By simplifying the content production, our client was able to focus on creating high-quality content without requiring any developer intervention, and in return, this allowed their developers to focus on building and presenting content across all digital channels. 

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