Konabos is a certified Contentful Partner. Learn how we were able to help Mesa Collection’s parent company migrate its content with impressive results.

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Contentful: Building a Better Digital Experience on a Modern Platform with Konabos

Contentful is a leading enterprise headless CMS provider that helps businesses structure and manage content and scale it across multiple channels and platforms. This revolutionary solution has simplified several different processes and eliminated the need for multiple siloed systems. Your team of content creators and developers can now collaborate closely to ensure customers are always interacting with the latest version of your brand experience. 

Konabos is a certified Contentful Partner and works in partnership with Contentful to bring modern solutions to help customers transition from a standard CMS suite to a modern technology stack, and deliver digital content seamlessly across every channel.

Konabos has developed and/or migrated several enterprise organizations on Contentful, including a brand site, Mesa Collection, to a Jamstack-based Composable DXP Solution. 

The Impressive Results of Migrating Content using Contentful: A Konabos Success Story 

The Mesa Collections’ parent company, a premium manufacturer of bathroom products, owns eighteen brands and continues to grow its portfolio. With every expansion, the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) landscape becomes more complex, and the issue of harmonizing and simplifying the DXP infrastructure becomes critical. With numerous sites hosted on various outdated and custom web applications, the DCX landscape was in dire need of trimming down. 

Our team of experts identified critical goals to successfully perform a website migration towards a simplified Jamstack-based Composable DXP solution through careful analysis of the situation. 

Our approach was to simplify the infrastructure and reduce costs by migrating smaller sites to a pure Jamstack play. Once implemented, we moved towards centralizing all content and information management in a microservice approach leveraging Contentful, a powerful omnichannel headless CMS platform. 

Since the migration of the first brand, Mesa Collection, we were able to early on yield impressive results with a 91% reduction in infrastructure and development costs, and we increased speed and performance. 

As we move forward with this strategy, we expect to see additional benefits. As content migration to Contentful increases, there will undoubtedly be a significant improvement in content manager productivity, which will be a step towards greater content agility. 

The dedicated, Contentful-certified team at Konabos can provide you with the Contentful solution that best serves your needs.  

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