Charley is a brand ambassador. A creative team of designers, strategists, thinkers, and doers, that bring brands to life and help them tell their best stories.

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Konabos is proud to partner with Charley. Their ability to speak "human" fluently and make human connections aligns well with our focus on building community.

The team at Charley brings the following core competencies to the table when working with our clients:

  1. STRATEGY - which includes, but is not limited to, market and consumer research, brand architecture, brand voice & messaging, and brand naming.
  2. CREATIVE - the team at Charley is well-versed in performing creatives such as brand guidelines & toolkits, marketing collateral, web design, motion & video, packaging design, and more.

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Kindly inform us of how we may be of assistance and be as detailed as you can. A member of our team will contact you directly within 24 business hours.