Vaishali Dialani Awarded Emerging CX Leader in the Middle East 2022

Morgan Blackett - Marketing Strategist

14 Oct 2022

Konabos Customer Experience Analyst, Vaishali Dialani, was recently announced as a recipient of the Emerging CX Leader in the Middle East Award! We interviewed Vaishali about this experience, what it meant to her and her goals for the future. Read our interview below:

What was the process of applying for the award?

We had to submit a nomination by uploading a video of us answering a few questions about our background in CX, accomplishments, career plan etc. Based on those shortlisted from the first round, we then had a final round of interview set up with the judging panel to discuss our challenges as a CX professional, importance of CX personally and professionally and so much more. It’s been a mixed ride of emotions, a little nerve-wracking yet super exciting to be able to get through this process and really take the win home!

What does this accomplishment mean to you?

The Emerging Leader in CX Award is given to curious and creative change agents willing to reach greater heights by bringing CX thinking to life. It’s such an honour to receive this award - a prestigious recognition as a young emerging leader advocates the power of CX to everyone and really allows them to believe in our impact of offering the ultimate experiences.

How did you feel when you found out you won?

I felt extremely thrilled and even more motivated to continue progressing as a CX professional by passionately making a difference. It also comes with a sense of responsibility and accountability to instill CX disciplines and thinking across to young minds as well as businesses.

What you are excited about for the future of CX?

Share the learnings and insights with the world through podcasts, webinars, blogs, community groups and so much more. The CX industry is a super close-knit collaborative community and we are only growing as more and more people are learning the importance of designing the best experiences for their customers

The entire Konabos team extends a massive congratulations to Vaishali on this tremendous accomplishment! We are so proud to have her as a valued member of our team!

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