Konabos Becomes Kentico Kontent Qualified Partner

2 Dec 2020

Konabos Extends Jamstack Capabilities with Kentico Kontent

Temecula, CA — Today, Konabos Consulting Inc. announced that the firm has been recognized as a Kentico Kontent Qualified Partner.

“Our team has been working in the enterprise DXP space for decades and has seen a lot of technology fads come and go. We have been watching the evolution of Jamstack-based DXP offerings with great interest over the years because it is a no-nonsense architectural approach that makes a lot of sense.

Today, there are finally mature and robust headless CMS options like Kentico Kontent that make Jamstack a great fit for our enterprise customers. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a Kontent Qualified Partner.” Akshay Sura, Sitecore MVP, Partner at Konabos

Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS with robust APIs, webhooks, and flexible content models that give developers full control over the structure of their content and how it’s delivered to their websites and applications. The APIs deliver clean, structured content that can be pulled into any experience and technology stack.

The headless CMS also simplifies content production for marketers so that they can focus on creating high-quality content without requiring developer involvement. This frees developers to focus on what they do best—building engaging online experiences that look great in every channel.

The Kentico Kontent partnership is one of three CMS technology alliances that Konabos recently announced as part of their 2021 strategic focus on Jamstack-enabled modular DXP solutions. Already well-known in the Sitecore community, Konabos’ upcoming “Lean ‘n Mean Jamstack” joint webinar with Kentico and Contentful signals their commitment to building relationships with best-of-breed solution providers to provide the very best options and guidance to their customers.

About Konabos Consulting Inc.

Konabos delivers CX business value. Our passion for our profession inspires us to learn, strive for excellence, be constantly growing, and consistently deliver work we can be proud of. Our love for our communities, teammates, and customers, drives us to share the best practices that we’ve learned to help make everyone around us better.

We stand out among our competitors because of the extraordinary number of very experienced, highly respected, and recognized specialists on our team. The members of the Konabos team are industry veterans with decades of experience each. More than half of our team are multi-year Sitecore MVPs, a distinction that speaks volumes about the culture of professional passion, community focus, and teamwork that characterizes the ‘Konabosing’ mindset.

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  • Konabos Becomes Kentico Kontent Qualified Partner

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