Konabos Adds Another Gem to Headless CMS Gauntlet, Contentful

17 Dec 2020

Konabos Becomes Contentful Partner

Konabos Adds Another Gem to Headless CMS Gauntlet

Temecula, CA — Today, Konabos Consulting Inc. announced its partnership with headless CMS powerhouse, Contentful.

“When we first decided it was time to make the move into Jamstack and considered which headless CMS platforms we’d build our offering around, there was one provider that immediately stood out for the maturity of their product, its versatility from an implementation standpoint, and the impressive breadth of their client base: Contentful was an obvious choice and we’re thrilled to be joining their partner network.” Akshay Sura, Sitecore MVP, Partner at Konabos

“In the past, we’ve focused mostly on web channels, and worked primarily with large, complex, web-oriented enterprise DXP and WCMS systems. In 2020, as we started adding mobile and other channels to our offerings, we began focusing more on omnichannel CX strategy with our clients, and the need for very flexible channel-agnostic content management became clear. Contentful lets us start with a lean and holistic content-strategy-first approach, allowing us to push content to any channel and layer on the DX tools that our customers require as their capability and strategy evolves.” Dennis Augustine, Sitecore Strategy MVP, Partner at Konabos

The Contentful partnership is one of three CMS technology alliances that Konabos recently announced as part of their 2021 strategic focus on Jamstack-enabled modular DXP solutions. Already well-known in the Sitecore community, Konabos’ upcoming “Lean ‘n Mean Jamstack” joint webinar with Contentful and Kentico Kontent signals their commitment to building relationships with best-of-breed solution providers to provide the very best options and guidance to their customers.

About Konabos Consulting Inc.

Konabos delivers CX business value. Our passion for our profession inspires us to learn, strive for excellence, be constantly growing, and consistently deliver work we can be proud of. Our love for our communities, teammates, and customers, drives us to share the best practices that we’ve learned to help make everyone around us better.

We stand out among our competitors because of the extraordinary number of very experienced, highly respected, and recognized specialists on our team. The members of the Konabos team are industry veterans with decades of experience each. More than half of our team are multi-year Sitecore MVPs, a distinction that speaks volumes about the culture of professional passion, community focus, and teamwork that characterizes the ‘Konabosing’ mindset.

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