Konabos Announced as Community Organizers of Inaugural Global Jamstack Day

4 Oct 2021

Location, Date – We are proud to announce that Konabos Consulting will be taking the lead as the principle Community Organizer of the first ever Global Jamstack Day, to be held on October 10, 2022.

Coined back in 2015, “Jamstack” is a modern web architecture, based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup, that compliments server-less technologies and allows sites and apps to be delivered with speed and confidence.  

Global Jamstack Day was created to raise awareness in the community about the advantages of Jamstack for businesses and how Jamstack helps increase team productivity and reduce project costs. Jamstack is not only a tool for developers but brings additional value to digital marketers, CMOs and CTOs alike. Global Jamstack Day will bring industry experts together to discuss the latest trends, best practices, and strategies for transitioning towards a Jamstack framework.

“I’ve been very active in the DXP technical community for decades and have found that we all get grow so much as professionals by getting together to share our experiences, ideas, experiments and best practices. We get more than we give by being involved. That’s why I’m so proud that Konabos is stepping to help organize the very first Global Jamstack Day.”

Akshay Sura, Konabos Partner, Eight-Time Sitecore MVP

As a recognized leader in implementing best-of-breed composable Jamstack-enabled solutions, Konabos is dedicated to helping companies provide their customers with a seamless user experience to advance their digital platforms and achieve real-world success.

With years of experience architecting flexible, future-proof digital experience platforms for customers, Konabos actively supports the community in getting the word out on the benefits of building Jamstack powered projects through pre-rendered content and static site generator.

“It’s great to see this level of excitement from seasoned DXP professionals as the web finds new life, speed, and rediscovers the elegant simplicity of its static roots, powered by Jamstack’s powerful API-first approach”

Kamruz Jaman, Konabos Partner, Nine-Time Sitecore MVP

To learn all about Global Jamstack Day visit jamstackday.com.

About Konabos Consulting:  

Konabos Consulting crafts superior Digital Experience strategies and solutions using Composable DXP, Jamstack, and Sitecore-based tech stacks. With offices in Temecula, Ottawa, Toronto, and Auckland, Konabos’ global team is led by Sitecore MVPs and community leaders Akshay Sura, Kamruz Jaman, and Dennis Augustine and features some of the most experienced enterprise Digital Customer Experience solution specialists in the world. 

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