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American Bath Group – Elevate Your Bathroom with Cutting-Edge Kiosk Technology

Konabos played a pivotal role in revolutionizing American Bath Group's (ABG) shopping experience through an interactive in-store kiosk. Leveraging their expertise in data management, user experience design, and a native kiosk approach, Konabos embarked on a comprehensive effort encompassing multiple brands, over 5000 products, and diverse product attributes. This intricate process involved standardizing product attributes, optimizing data reuse, and refining the user journey. As a result, ABG witnessed heightened customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and engagement. Konabos' dedication and innovative solutions propelled ABG towards a new era of retail excellence.

Case Study Highlights


  • Create a unified user journey for diverse brand preferences across seven brands.
  • Integrate data from multiple PIM systems into a single system.
  • Enable customizable product selection based on attributes in-store.
  • Establish a hybrid online-offline kiosk interaction journey.
  • Develop a cost-effective onboarding and maintenance process for third-party stores.
  • Adapt a solution for an in-store kiosk experience, not just a traditional website.
  • Provide simple onboarding and support for kiosk set up in stores.
  • Implement real-time updates for web-based kiosks with offline access.
  • Design a flexible branding system for store-specific customization.


  • Demonstrated customized question flow capability using existing product data.
  • Researched and audited brand products and PIM systems.
  • Restructured PIM data treatment for multiple brands.
  • Developed seamless data integration strategies for 5000+ products.
  • Established a dedicated support site and phone line for stores.
  • Fostered open communication through collaborative discussions and regular demos.
  • Implemented daily data sync routine for improved performance.
  • Utilized external search service for reusable data retrieval endpoint.
  • Enhanced customer experience through refined question flow and product families.
  • Leveraged for content management and configuration.
  • Streamlined design efforts for specific screen sizes.


  • Long-term Planning: Developed a detailed roadmap with milestones and resources for kiosk rollout.
  • Improved Hardware: Selected high-quality components for reliable and durable kiosks.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Implemented intuitive question flow and customizable attributes selection.
  • Secure Data Management: Implemented robust protocols for protecting customer and product data.
  • Efficient Data Integration: Integrated, accurate product data from multiple sources efficiently.
  • Reusable Solution: Created a versatile kiosk system for future efficient product data retrieval.
  • Easy Onboarding: Simplified setup process with a single 6-digit code entry.
  • Maintenance Support: Established a comprehensive support system for effective kiosk management.

Key Learnings and Takeaways

Recently acknowledged as winners of the prestigious MACH Alliance award for 'Best Overall Change Project 2023’, this recognition serves as a testament to the innovative and transformative shopping experience that ABG has introduced to the industry. By offering customers an immersive and interactive shopping journey through our kiosk, we elevate customer engagement and satisfaction to new heights. Our platform provides a centralized hub for showcasing an extensive range of products from multiple esteemed brands, presenting a comprehensive shopping destination that drives sales and amplifies revenue. 

When navigating the complexities of working with diverse brands and their distinct product attributes, establishing standardized attribute terminology becomes a critical component of effective data management. By designing a solution that enables the reusability and accessibility of data, we not only optimize the current project but also reduce costs and extend advantages to future endeavors. Inclusivity is key, as we prioritize the experiences of all users, including store managers, in their interactions with the kiosk. By placing an emphasis on a native kiosk experience rather than a web-based one, we enhance user engagement, satisfaction, and overall usability. Allow us to share a few key learnings from our journey: 

  1. Standardizing product attributes is essential when managing multiple brands, ensuring consistency and streamlining data management. 
  2. Building a solution that promotes data reuse across projects yields significant cost savings and operational efficiency. 
  3. Taking into consideration the experiences of all users, including store managers, results in a comprehensive and user-friendly kiosk system. 
  4. Prioritizing a native kiosk experience delivers seamless navigation, enhanced user engagement, and an intuitive interface. 
  5. Adopting a user-centric approach fosters improved satisfaction and wider adoption of the kiosk solution. 

By providing customers with the ability to create wish lists, our kiosk system facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between customers and stores, leading to more personalized and tailored experiences. Overall, by implementing a kiosk system into their operations, businesses can effectively cater to the needs of digital natives by providing them access to the store's full product catalogue digitally, enabling them to explore a wider range of offerings beyond what may be physically displayed in-store. It provides valuable metrics on customer behavior, helping stores optimize their offerings. This data-driven approach allows businesses to make informed decisions about inventory management, marketing strategies, and personalized customer experiences. 

Additionally, a kiosk system can streamline the sales process for both customers and the store itself. With the ability to carry the full product range from various brands or suppliers, stores can provide customers with a comprehensive selection, eliminating the need for physical space constraints. Furthermore, the self-managed nature of the sales process empowers customers to explore and interact with products at their own pace, reducing the need for constant assistance from store staff and enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

Jason Burdette

EVP MarCom and CX

American Bath Group



Konabos demonstrated unmatched expertise in our American Bath Group kiosk development. Their commitment to excellence and timely delivery resulted in a cutting-edge and user-friendly product that elevated our brand and significantly enhanced customer engagement. From design to implementation, Konabos’ dedication to understanding our unique needs set them apart. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovation and “true” collaboration.