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28 May 2021

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Have you ever thought should my business have a podcast? I know it may seem daunting to think about creating and presenting audio content, as it’s more time-consuming than writing and less seductive than filming video. But creating high-quality audio content might just be the way for your brand to penetrate a new online market.

Podcasts are growing in popularity yet somehow remain slightly obscure and not as coveted by the marketing industry. Marketers will often listen to podcasts to learn about industry trends, but the initiation to create and publish podcast content for their brand.

Like most content creators, it is sometimes difficult to find inspiration to create weekly one-hour segments, but this can easily be overcome through careful preparation. One of the great advantages of using podcasts as a marketing tool is that it is still not part of the mainstream marketing plan. While your competitors might be putting extra effort into creating beautiful videos, you have a massive audience that is not necessarily looking to be entertained through visual content but through spoken words alone. 

I guess we can say that Talk radio is sort of an old-school version of podcasts. Talk radio is still very much part of everyday life, but podcasts have the advantage of niching down topics to really speak to the intended audience.

Here are a few interesting Podcast statistics:

  • 68 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow brands on social media
  • Podcast listeners listen to an average of 7 different shows per week

Statistics show that the number of podcasts is growing exponentially, and this trend is not going anywhere. However, the good news is that not all podcasts are of quality content, and not every industry is oversaturated. If you can find your place and can develop a unique angle in the way you present your content, you can definitely stand out in the crowd.

So why might podcasts be good for your brand?

It’s easier and more flexible than creating video content

Everyone loves videos, and in some industries, videos are a must! But video content creation also requires a higher budget and more human resources than podcast content creation. Podcasts are not easy to create - if they were, chances are more companies would be doing them. Of course, you must dedicate time to researching and editing content, and you need to make sure that your host(s) are engaging and able to consistently draw in existing and new audiences. This is essential for any interactive platform.

But when you compare the amount of work required in creating a video versus creating a podcast, podcasts might just prove to be the simpler and financially savvy solution. Podcasts do not require an external video and editing company, nor do hosts need to worry about the visual aspect of their surroundings. With less specialized skills required and less expensive technology, podcasts can bring in a good ROI long term.

Gives your brand a voice (literally!)

Podcasts are another way to control your brand image through a self-owned channel that allows you to make the rules on how you communicate your message to your audience. One great advantage of creating podcast content is the personal human touch that you give to your brand. Unlike written content which uses the reader’s voice or video which is often neatly packaged and refined, podcasts are raw, casual, and authentic. 

Audiences are used to carefully curated marketing content; Podcasts allow brands to shine with their own voice and personality.

Helps build relationships with your customers

Can you name your favorite local DJ of all times? The one you would listen to every morning before heading off to college, or the one you currently listen to on your drive to work? You probably know their name, and you probably know a few insights on their personality, personal life, likes, and dislikes. You probably hear their voice advertising a product or praising a new restaurant opening, and you’re much more likely to pay attention and take notice.

Studies show that 80% of people listen to an entire podcast until the end! Unlike blogs or videos where your audience may skimp and skip your content, podcast enthusiasts will demonstrate a particular loyalty and help you build a community of followers. People are more willing to listen through an entire podcast episode because podcasts tend to dig deep and provide context into a topic in a way that written words might fail to achieve. Good podcast hosts are similar to good friends - they entertain, keep things lively and leave you wanting more.

If people tune into your podcast regularly, you become a familiar voice, and people look forward to hearing more of what you have to say. Your audience is more likely to value your opinion and purchase your product or refer you to a friend. With every new podcast subscriber you get, your brand exposure increases.

So, is it worth it?

Like all good marketing, ROI is determined based on how much investment a team puts into it. Churning out low-quality podcasts weekly will only hurt your brand, and your energy would be better spent publishing better content but less frequently. However, this is nothing new, and marketers know that this applies to any form of marketing, whether it be blogging, uploading online videos, or posting on social media.

Podcasts are not a quick fix and won’t make your brand skyrocket to the top overnight. It’s a momentous and continuous journey to the top where at every step, creativity flourishes, and eventually, stability reigns. A podcast is a tool that allows you to communicate with your audience verbally and accept their feedback to fine-tune and experiment with your content. So, if you have a story to tell, grab your team, get them into the studio, press record, and start talking!

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