Why Businesses Need to Focus on a Good User Experience

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14 Sep 2021

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A good user experience (UX) is something brands focus on to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. Brands that offer a superior UX show how they value their audience and have taken the time to consider how each touchpoint should be optimized to provide the ultimate user experience.

Essentially, a UX is a whole package experience; it’s how users interact with your brand, how it makes them feel and how likely they are to eventually become returning customers. Your product, website, app, and customer service are part of the brand UX, which ultimately affects your long-term business objectives.

While it may seem like a no-brainer that delivering a superior UX should be a priority for any ambitious business looking to excel in the market, it happens that companies neglect the concept of an all-encompassing UX entirely. Reasons may vary; sometimes, brands have not put in the proper research to detect user needs, and some may solely rely on creating a functional website to reach users without giving it further thought.

Difference between User Experience and User Interface

At a high level, the UX and user interface (UI) might seem to be one and the same, for as any good designer knows that how a website is laid out can drastically affect how people interact with the brand. But whereas UI focuses strictly on the visuals, such as color, font, and design, UX encompasses the entire journey from start to finish, including the functionality, usability, and accessibility of a website. It is not uncommon, especially in smaller companies, for the same person to be responsible for both the UI and UX, but bigger companies often have separate dedicated experts performing each task. To summarize, both are interlinked, but UI is visual, whereas UX is interactive.

A Few Good Reasons Why Focusing on a Good UX is Important

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

When shopping online, customers are easily tempted to move around quickly, and the most minor diversion can prevent them from performing a specific action. Distractions could be anything from clicking on external links, accessing broken links or simply the inability to navigate quickly and with ease. Nearly 70% of people will abandon a cart and not checkout due to a poor UX, and with numerous options available, irritated customers will simply take their business elsewhere.

On the other hand, a website with a simple layout, a clear call to action, and an aesthetically pleasing UI that eliminates frustrations and confusion will lead potential clients to their end destination and likely turn them into repeated customers.

Improves ROI

The UX is all about the user and about fulfilling their needs and making them feel happy; however, let’s not forget that a company’s objective is to obtain a good ROI in return for the hard work they put out to satisfy customers and alleviate their pain-points. Customers are more willing to return if their overall experience is satisfactory, and returning loyal customers help companies meet their financial and business goals. Investing in a good UX means investing in the long-term objectives of the company.

Boosts SEO 

A flawed website with a poor UX will negatively affect your SEO efforts, no matter how well you optimize your pages. We know that Google spends time analyzing site structure, verifying loading speed, and ensuring mobile-friendliness and that these are all best practices to follow when executing a good SEO strategy. But how exactly does a poor UX affect SEO?

Google’s objective is to deliver the best results possible and analyzing dwell time is one of the metrics it uses to determine the relevancy of a website. Dwell time measures the length of time a user stays on a page, and the longer, the better. The more user-friendly a site is, the longer people stay and navigate through, whereas a poor UX will have users furiously clicking the back button, sending signals to Google that this site is of little relevance to them.

Using every SEO tactic can help a site increase in ranking, but ultimately, a poor UX will drive clients away, and we must never forget that they are the final decision-makers.

Saves Time and Money

Focusing on the UX early on is the best strategy when it comes to product development. Building a UX is not like creating an abstract painting where your free-flowing creativity guides you to the finished product. Creating a good UX requires research to understand where you are going, who you are targeting and how you will do so.

By going through the proper steps and doing research, you can avoid obstacles down the line, and we all know that preventing an error is a more efficient and cheaper option than fixing an error post-release. Investing in development and human resources is costly when starting from zero but having to rework something because of poor preliminary planning is unnecessary. Always keep the UX in mind and get all the initial glitches sorted out, or run the risk of starting over, with higher costs.

Helps Companies Stand Apart from The Competition

If you think UX doesn’t affect customer behavior, then you might want to go have a chat with the team at Apple, one of the most profitable companies in the world who have made it their mission to go above and beyond when it comes to solidifying the customer user experience.

They create their hardware, software, and services and thus produce an entire ecosystem where users can easily sync their Apple products and have access to 24/7 support for any issues. By focusing on the user experience, Apple has managed to stay on top despite the vast competition out there.

Creating a superior UX should not be overlooked or seen as a burden or a waste of money, as the long-term benefits outweigh any temporary bumps in the road. We live in an age of competitiveness, and users know they have multiple players vying for their attention, and any brand that is unable to provide them with an enhanced UX will be overlooked and written off. As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits to carving out a solid UX, so don’t wait; the best time to start is now.

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