Redefining Touchpoints: The Expansive World of Customer Experience

Vaishali Dialani - Senior Customer Experience Strategist

30 Jan 2024

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Working closely with clients at Konabos, I often encounter the ever-lingering question: Does customer experience (CX) transcend the digital realm? Can we truly encompass both the online and offline touchpoints? And the answer is an unequivocal, "Yes!"

The Interplay of Digital and Physical Worlds

In today's interconnected era, customers no longer distinguish between a brand's online and offline presence. Their interactions span across a wide spectrum, from the virtual space of emails and websites to the tactile experiences of offline stores or telephone conversations. 

Imagine this: A customer hears about a brand from a friend, checks its online reviews, visits a physical store, makes a purchase, and finally reaches out for post-sales support via a phone call. Each of these interactions, whether they occur in a digital or physical space, contributes to the overarching perception the customer forms about the brand.

Customer Journey Mapping: Beyond Just Screens

At Konabos, our approach is centred around understanding these multi-faceted touchpoints. From the first interaction with a brand till the post-purchase phase, and even if a customer disengages, we delve deep to understand the 'why' behind their choices. By conducting rigorous audits, site mappings, and most importantly, journey mapping, we try to pinpoint the moments that matter most in a customer's journey.

One size doesn’t fit all. We meticulously craft personas, identifying how various touchpoints integrate for different customer profiles. The intent? To ensure that irrespective of who the customer is, their journey feels tailored, intuitive, and seamless.

Breaking Down Silos for a Cohesive Experience

Siloed departments can often be the achilles heel for many organizations. While it might seem easier to have different teams focusing on different aspects of the customer experience, such an approach can lead to inconsistencies in the customer journey. Think of the backend processes of a company as the cogs of a well-oiled machine. If even one cog is out of sync, the entire machinery can falter.

It's imperative to ensure that teams, both on the front end and back end, work in harmony. Just as we champion composable back end and architecture, the same philosophy should apply to customer-facing touchpoints. Every department, every individual should have a clear understanding of their role in the larger narrative of CX, ensuring that they contribute positively and cohesively to the customer's journey.

In Conclusion

Whether digital or physical, every touchpoint is a unique opportunity to reinforce a brand's promise to its customers. As businesses, it's crucial to recognize and leverage these interactions, ensuring they collectively paint a positive, consistent, and memorable picture of the brand. After all, in the vast landscape of customer experience, every detail matters.

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Vaishali Dialani

With over 8 years of experience as a data-savvy experience designer, research specialist, and strategic change-maker, she passionately advocates for integrating emotions and efficiency through customer experience research, product insights, and communications.

Recognized as a CXPA Emerging leader, CX Leader of The Year 2023 Finalist, and ranked among the top 11 CXMStars worldwide, she believes in the power of knowledge sharing to foster growth and awareness within the CX community.

Vaishali’s commitment to knowledge sharing extends to podcasts, blogs, guest lectures, speaking engagements, and training programs. Simultaneously, conducting leadership training workshops for low-literacy level professionals, making a positive impact through collaborative efforts across diverse spheres.

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