Networking in Content Creation: Building Relationships for Promotional Opportunities and Community Building

Matthew McQueeny - Relationships & Community Lead

11 Aug 2023

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Networking and building relationships are essential for success in any industry, especially when it comes to new business opportunities and business development.  That said, networking and relationships are also extremely important in the world of content creation, where collaboration, cross-promotion, and community building are key to achieving your goals.  At Konabos, where our slogan is “powered by community,” we seek collaboration in content within our team, partners, and industry thought leaders nearly all the time.   

One of the primary benefits of networking and building relationships in content creation is the ability to reference your connections within your content, creating more promotional opportunities. When you collaborate with other content creators, industry experts, or influential people, you can reference their work or include their input in your content, providing value to your audience and potentially attracting their followers to your platform. 

For example, if you're creating a blog post about a specific topic, you can reference an expert in that field and include their insights and quotes in your article. By doing so, you're providing additional value to your readers while also potentially attracting the expert's followers to your website. This can lead to more engagement, more shares, and more opportunities to connect with new readers and followers.   

Additionally, you can feature your connections in your content, such as hosting them as guests on your podcast, including them in your videos, or tagging them on social media when you promote your content. By doing so, you're not only providing value to your audience by bringing in outside expertise or viewpoints, but you're also building a stronger relationship with your connections. This can lead to more opportunities for collaboration, cross-promotion, and growth in the future.  

Konabos crafts blogs, social media posts, and the like with regular consideration about the inclusion of partners, platforms, and industry voices. We also host our own podcast, called the “Konaverse.”  Launched in May 2021, it now has over 120 episodes.  Each week, we release an episode where we interview an industry connection for upwards of one hour.  The discussions touch on the guest’s life, upbringing, family, aspirations, and career trajectory.  It is a phenomenal relationship catalyst.   

Furthermore, by building strong relationships with other content creators, you can create opportunities for cross-promotion. For instance, you can collaborate on a joint project, share each other's work on your respective platforms, or even guest post on each other's blogs. This can expand your reach and potentially attract new followers to your platform who may not have discovered your content otherwise. 

A great example of this kind of cross-promotion can be found in our recently released Konabos March Madness campaign.  We created a fun bracket that included 16 vendor partners and urged voting on which companies would advance, using Linkedin reactions (such as the thumbs up, clap, or heart).  Over four rounds, the campaign generated over 50,000 organic impressions and 5,200 reactions, which equated to better than a 10% engagement rate.  By cross-promotion and friendly competition, the campaign reached – for those two weeks – the upper echelons of the entire corner of our industry. 

Moreover, when you feature your connections in your content or collaborate with them on a project, you're also building a community around your work. Your connections become part of your network, and as you continue to collaborate and work together, you're creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for content creation. 

Building a community around your work is incredibly important, as it can provide support, encouragement, and feedback when you need it most. Your community can help you promote your content by sharing it with others, leaving comments and reviews, and giving you feedback. This can lead to more engagement, more shares, and more opportunities for growth. 

Finally, networking and building relationships are essential for building your brand and establishing yourself as an authority in your field. By collaborating with other content creators and industry experts, you're not only creating better content, but you're also showcasing your expertise and establishing your credibility. Over time, this can lead to new opportunities, such as speaking engagements, partnerships, and sponsorships. 

By investing time and effort into building and nurturing relationships with other content creators, industry experts, and influential people, you can gain valuable insights, grow your audience, and potentially attract new opportunities for collaboration, growth, and success. 

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Matthew McQueeny

Matt is a digital marketing professional and web project manager with over 15 years of experience.  He has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. Industries of digital project experience include healthcare, publishing, technology, telecommunications, education, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, and transportation. In 2023, Matt was awarded his first Sitecore MVP, in recognition for his work in the Sitecore community. 

He loves the intersection of technology, marketing, and communications.  Throughout his career, he worked with many licensed and open-source content management systems, in editorial, social media strategy and advertising, search engine marketing, lead generation, analytics, and podcasting.

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