Maximizing Revenue with Subscription Commerce: A Guide to Getting Started using Ultra Commerce

Akshay Sura - Partner

16 Feb 2023

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Ultra Commerce is a subscription commerce platform that provides businesses with various features to help them build recurring revenue and customer loyalty. One of the primary benefits of Ultra Commerce is that it is fully integrated, requiring no add-ons or apps. Businesses can manage subscriptions seamlessly, with subscription management, billing, payments, and shipping all built into the platform.

Ultra Commerce also provides businesses with several key features that can help them maximize revenue with subscription commerce. These features include subscription management, billing and payments, single-cart experience, recurring deliveries, order templates, digital subscriptions, and memberships.

Subscription Management 

Subscription management allows businesses to easily manage subscriptions with dedicated management screens and user interfaces that provide all the customer service tools needed. This feature includes subscription cancellation, suspension, resumption, upgrades, and downgrades.

Billing and Payments 

Billing and payments can be managed from a single platform, with customizable notifications and messaging that makes it easy to keep customers informed about their subscriptions. This feature includes automated billing and payment processing, invoice generation, and payment reconciliation.

Single-cart Experience 

The single-cart experience allows customers to purchase subscriptions and products in a single order, with customizable templates available based on subscription product or product type. This feature reduces buying friction and increases customer satisfaction by providing a seamless buying and delivery experience.

Recurring Deliveries 

Recurring deliveries and order templates allow businesses to turn any product into a subscription, with easy re-order and delivery frequency options. Customers can have multiple subscriptions simultaneously, and promotions can be applied to recurring orders seamlessly integrating with existing order management workflows.

Digital Subscriptions 

Digital subscriptions are another critical feature of subscription commerce, providing content management system integration for gated content subscriptions and digital entitlements. This feature allows businesses to create corporate enterprise products with custom pricing and bulk licensing support.


Finally, memberships can be enabled, providing customers with digital benefits, services, and members-only access. This feature is perfect for enterprise purchasing and is API-driven, allowing for integration into content management systems for a "digital subscription" service for premium content.

Subscription commerce is an excellent way for businesses to build recurring revenue, drive repeat business, and build customer loyalty. With Ultra Commerce, businesses can use a fully integrated platform that includes subscription management, billing and payments, and a single-cart experience. Recurring deliveries, digital subscriptions, and memberships are all key features that can help businesses reduce churn, boost brand loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me. (@akshaysura13 on Twitter or Slack).

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Akshay Sura

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