Insights from Kentico Partner Day North America 2024

Matthew McQueeny - Relationships & Community Lead

27 Mar 2024

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Burlington, Massachusetts – Kentico Partner Day North America was held in this city just north of Boston, at the crossroads and intersections of some of New England’s major highway systems.   

Kentico, the Digital Experience Platform (or DXP) company founded in 2004, has been charting its own course over the last three years, from the on-premise, versioned platform paradigm – one heavily reliant on technical resources - towards a cloud-based, agile, “hybrid headless” methodology.  These partner days are essentially its in-person, global roadshow campaign to evangelize and educate on what the paradigm shift means to the industry, its partners and customers.   

The day's agenda was crafted to offer both a glimpse into Kentico's strategic direction and hands-on technical advice. Morning sessions, led by figures like Dominik Pinter (CEO), Debbie Tucek (Director of Product), and Petr Klouda (Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Enablement), covered everything from company updates to future roadmaps, while the afternoon was dedicated to practical insights on success stories, sales positioning, and technical know-how for leveraging Kentico's offerings effectively.

One of the most compelling takeaways was Kentico's clear vision, articulated by Dominik Pinter, “to provide agencies the most compelling digital experience platform to make all their projects profitable.”  Pinter joked that he is so excited about the direction of Kentico that he even received an anonymous note the night before on his airplane seatback from another flyer who asked that he keep his voice down on the plane.  He was discussing Kentico business at the time with Klouda on their flight from London (England) to Logan (Boston, MA).    

With an exclusive partnership-driven business model, Kentico underscored the significant opportunities that lie with Xperience by Kentico, revealing that as of mid-March 2024 a majority of its new business opportunities (approximately 80%) are now focused on this version-less, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based offering.  Pinter noted that more than 20 brand new clients are on the platform and that services revenue for partners can be quite meaningful.  The anticipated revenue for Xperience by Kentico in 2024 speaks volumes about its potential.   

The final versioned iteration of the platform – Kentico Xperience 13 – is set for end of life at the end of 2026 and Pinter noted that 95% of development resources at Kentico are currently directed toward the SaaS-based Xperience by Kentico.

Pinter also urged that the opportunity is there in the market for Xperience by Kentico.  Surveys commissioned by Kentico found that 54% of marketers say that they are maintaining three or more primary Websites and 64% of marketers say they use two or more CMSs/DXPs.  “Consolidation” was the buzz word projected by Kentico, emphasizing Xperience by Kentico’s capability to consolidate digital channels under one roof. The platform not only promises a seamless migration path from other DXP systems but also positions itself as a cost-effective solution ready to outshine traditional competitors amidst economic uncertainties.

One of the day's highlights was Debbie Tucek's introduction of AIRA - Artificial Intelligence Recommendations & Assistance. This leap towards leveraging AI for content transformations, personalization, and marketing automation signifies Kentico's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring partners and clients alike can harness the power of AI to elevate their digital experiences.  Tucek also laid out the product vision in the cloud, whereby monthly iterative releases replace annual (or longer) large-scale product drops and continuous improvement meets, anticipates, and innovates atop today’s customer demand.   There will always be public visibility into the next six months of what’s coming on the product roadmap.  This, according to Kentico, provides yet more value to the partner agency, giving it the opportunity to talk to its customers regularly about the value possibilities and propositions continually being deployed and mooted.

The event was a testament to Kentico's dedication to its partners and clients. The comprehensive discussions around product roadmaps, migration toolkits, and the unveiling of AI-driven features underscore a pivotal shift towards more agile, user-friendly, and technologically advanced DXP solutions.  Kentico’s leaders are also ever-present and always welcoming of all manner of discussion, whether on the two early-morning runs we were able to complete or at the networking happy-hour (or three-hour) the company thoughtfully organized.   

Kentico Partner Day not only offered a lens into the future of DXPs but also affirmed the critical role of partnership and innovation in navigating the digital landscape successfully. The consolidation story at the heart of Kentico's message encapsulates a vision for a unified, efficient, and highly adaptable digital experience ecosystem, promising a brighter, more profitable future for agencies and their clients alike.

Join me in shaping the future of digital experiences! Let's pioneer agile solutions together and unlock Kentico's innovation for your upcoming projects.

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