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Akshay Sura - Partner

17 Feb 2023

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Customers expect personalized and seamless experiences across all touchpoints in today's fast-paced digital world. As a marketing professional, offering a consistent experience across all engagement channels is crucial, whether through a website, mobile app, email, social media, or even the metaverse. But how do you achieve this while also future-proofing your technology stack?

That's where Conscia's composable DX stack comes in. By centralizing your product data, content, and any other e-commerce data in the DX graph, you can distribute real-time APIs to any touchpoint, channel, or device.

Stop Guessing and Start Testing with A/B Testing and Experimentation

One of the biggest challenges for marketing teams is figuring out what works and what doesn't. That's where A/B testing and experimentation come in. With Conscia's DX Engine, you can experiment with content variants to create high-performing digital experiences. You can optimize your marketing strategy and improve customer engagement by seeing what resonates with your audience.

Personalize Every Interaction with Headless Content Personalization

Personalization is crucial for engaging customers and creating loyal brand advocates. But personalization can be challenging, especially when dealing with multiple content sources and channels. With Conscia's headless content personalization, you can personalize every interaction across the customer journey at scale based on both real-time signals and historical behavior. This means you can offer a personalized experience regardless of where your content resides.

Track Signals and Optimize with Reporting and Analytics

Tracking customer interactions and behavior is crucial for improving your marketing strategy. With Conscia's reporting and analytics, you can track signals as your customer interacts with your content and use powerful insights to determine how best to optimize the customer's experience. You can make data-driven decisions to improve customer engagement and drive revenue.

Build Consistent Omnichannel Experiences with One Centralized Engine

Creating a consistent omnichannel experience can be challenging, especially when dealing with multiple platforms and touchpoints. That's where Conscia's DX Engine comes in. It acts as the brain for your composable DX stack, building consistent omnichannel experiences with one centralized engine. This means you can control what content customers see on what touchpoint from a central location and capture their signals and activity on every touchpoint.

Orchestrate Intelligent Experiences on Every Channel with One Centralized Interface

Marketing teams need to control the experience while staying completely headless. With Conscia's Experience Studio, an intuitive interface for Marketing teams to define channel-agnostic templates, you can manage the rules and personalization logic that determines who should see what on every part of the page or screen. This means you can orchestrate intelligent experiences on every channel without sacrificing control.

Connect to Any Source with Zero Code and Zero Deployment

Assembling content from multiple CMSes and commerce applications can be a headache, especially when dealing with legacy systems. Conscia's universal connector framework allows you to connect to and orchestrate content and data from all your back-end systems without writing or deploying custom code. This means relating to any source or target application and distributing data to downstream applications and platforms.

As a Marketing leader, you want to know what problems Conscia can solve for you. Conscia offers the ability to personalize experiences for your customers while assembling a composable future-proof stack. This personalization is not just for the web but for all your customers' engagement channels. It is fully centralized, so the customer gets a consistent experience across all your channels. Conscia's solution differentiates itself from competitors by being agnostic of both the back and front end, clearly separating content from presentation. A monolithic system serves well for the web channel rather than other channels. The front and back ends are very coupled, making customization difficult.

Meanwhile, Competitors tag content, which tightly couples content with the presentation. At the same time, Conscia separates the front end from the back end by centralizing the control for who should see what, regardless of where the content comes from and where it needs to go.

Composable DX stack empowers marketing teams to personalize and optimize every interaction on every channel, future-proof their technology stack, and build consistent omnichannel experiences. With A/B testing and experimentation, headless content personalization, reporting, analytics, and a centralized engine and interface, you can orchestrate intelligent experiences on every channel without sacrificing control. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me. (@akshaysura13 on Twitter or Slack).

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Akshay Sura

Akshay is a nine-time Sitecore MVP and a two-time Kontent.ai. In addition to his work as a solution architect, Akshay is also one of the founders of SUGCON North America 2015, SUGCON India 2018 & 2019, Unofficial Sitecore Training, and Sitecore Slack.

Akshay founded and continues to run the Sitecore Hackathon. As one of the founding partners of Konabos Consulting, Akshay will continue to work with clients to lead projects and mentor their existing teams.

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