4 Ways To Celebrate Black History After February

Morgan Blackett - Marketing Strategist

24 Feb 2022

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February is known for celebrating Black history. A time to highlight organizations, movements, and moments in which Black people have made significant contributions to society. Anti-black racism, diversity, and inclusion have become a significant topic of conversation on social media and for most organizations. As a result, many struggle in trying to create an authentic and intentional social media positioning around Black History Month. Some organizations are so far removed from the essence of Black History Month or other initiatives which has gotten them into controversial situations. On the other hand, in hopes to avoid controversy, many have opted into generic and “safe” messaging. However, there are ways to highlight Black History in a way that is sincere, non-controversial, and celebratory. Here are some ways that organizations can highlight Black History in February and beyond.

1. Do your research

One of the biggest issues that organizations face during Black History Month is they do not know what to say or do. This makes them choose the safe option and post a generic message on their social media. A way that an organization can stand out and show their commitment to being an ally to Black people is to do their research on contributions made by Black people in their industry. Black contributions have often been ignored or lost in time. Chances are that regardless of the industry you are in, a Black person has contributed to the success and advancement of that industry. By doing your research you can find these individuals, celebrate, and thank them for their work. Creating content with that in mind can showcase the values that your organization believes in.

2. Don’t live in the past

Even though it is Black History Month, it doesn’t mean that every piece of content has to be about something or someone from 60 years ago. We love and respect those that made it possible for us to be here. However, when organizations only share about figures or facts that are decades old, it can make it seem like they are unaware of more recent events or people that are making an impact now. Acknowledging and recognizing recent leaders is a great way to encourage them to continue the work they are doing. Sharing more about recent Black history can make your audience feel more connected to the content.

3. Give recognition

A great way to celebrate Black History is by giving recognition to organizations that have made it their mission to support Black people. By highlighting such organizations, you become an advocate and help expand their reach. You are not only educating your own company and internal community about those organizations, but you are also offering resources to your audience that they can use to amplify their commitment to Black History.

Celebrating organizations that are making a difference in the Black community, provides opportunities for others to join you, and it expands the platform of those who make it their life’s work to support and uplift Black people.

4. Walk The Walk

It’s easy to post a generic Black History Month post on your social media that checks off a box of your contribution. However, that does not achieve the goal you are hoping for. Ultimately, walking the walk by highlighting way that your organization is committed to support Black people is a great way to celebrate Black History in February and beyond. Symbols and gestures are nice, but nothing beats genuine support and allyship. In recent years many companies have been called out for hypocrisy during Black History Month because their actions do not match their message. The greatest way to celebrate Black History Month, in my opinion, is by putting in the work that shows that you support Black people every single day. Not just during February.

We do not have to wait until February to implement these ideas. Black History supersedes one month. Every day, month, or year is a good time for an organization to stand on the side of humanity, celebrating differences and education. By doing your research, updating your knowledge on current movements and people, giving recognition to those making contributions and most importantly making sure your actions are in alignment with your words. Happy Black History Month from our team!

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